My New Website


Welcome to my new website!

This website is built using Jekyll, a static site generator. The theme of this website is based off Hydeout by Andrew Fong.

The repository for this website can be found on my Gitlab.

Why Jekyll?

I wanted to build my website with the tools that satisfied these requirements:

  • Not too much bloat
  • Mobile friendly
  • Quick initial setup
  • Lots of free and open source themes
  • Ability to create a modern, but simple website
  • Easy to update website with new pages and sections

Jekyll and the Hydeout theme met all of these requirements, and they’ve been great to work with.

Site Layout


My developer blog, with periodic posts giving updates on the projects I’m working on.

About Me & contact

General information about me, links to some of my profiles, and contact information.

Bean Boy Games

The video games I’ve helped develop as apart of my company, Bean Boy Games LLC.

Open Source Projects

The open source projects I’ve worked on and are currently working on.


The music I’ve released (video game soundtracks, albums, etc.)


Information about the music puzzle game I’m currently developing.


A list of all of my post’s tags to help find specific posts.