Kevin Thomas Development

Bean Boy Games

Bean Boy Games is an indie video game company I founded with two of my best friends when I was 17 years old. Since then, we’ve released four video games on Steam: a 2D puzzle platformer and three virtual reality games. We’re always working on new games together.


Turner is a 2D platformer puzzle game where you take the role of Turner, a man with a troubled past and an unstable state of mind. Traverse hundreds of levels in an asylum by rotating the world around you, all while trying to solve the mystery of why you’re there.

Key Features:
  • Rotate the world at your will to make your way through the asylum and uncover the secrets of your past
  • Learn new abilities and utilize the tools around you to solve puzzles and avoid hazards
  • 250+ original levels, 250+ challenge levels
  • Original dark themed “sketch style” art
  • Original soundtrack
  • Speedrun mode
Turner Screenshot 1

Turner Screenshot 2

Turner Screenshot 3

Hot Squat

Welcome to Flynn Fitness, home of the Hot Squat. Prepare to undergo a rigorous test to not only your legs, but also your will to do as many squats as you possibly can. Compete against your friends, yourself, and the world to get the highest squat count.

Key Features:
  • Completely free! (No micro-transactions, no paid DLC)
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • 11 Challenging Steam Achievements
  • Exercise and burn calories while having fun
  • 80’s / 90’s aesthetic
  • Endless - you will always have a challenge
  • A bumping song to keep your energy high
Hot Squat Screenshot 1

Hot Squat Screenshot 2

Hot Squat Screenshot 3


Post Code FF: Initializing startup sequence of: UNTITLED. Puzzle course loading… Logic test loading… Discovery test loading… Loading complete. Please contact local administrator to begin the training course.

Congratulations! You have made it past our preliminary tests and are now ready to begin our training course. In the coming trials, your puzzle solving and logic skills will be put to the test as you complete over 100 trials, invigorating your sense of discovery. During this course, you will encounter the unknown, run into new obstacles, and be forced to think outside the box. Make use of the tools you encounter and the skills that you develop to expand your knowledge and progress through the course. Enter the unknown, and make your own discoveries, only then will you grow. UNTITLED Screenshot 1

UNTITLED Screenshot 2

UNTITLED Screenshot 3

Hot Squat 2: New Glory

100% of the profits from the Steam sales of this game have been and will be donated to RAICES: The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.

Welcome back to Flynn Fitness: the global headquarters for ultimate leg gains…and home of the legendary Hot Squat. The gym has gone through a major overhaul. Featuring four gyms to get swole in, two main exercises, four game modes, and a hub world where you can customize yourself…your legs will be getting the best treatment of their lives.

Key Features:
  • Supports a good cause
    • 100% of profits go to charity
  • Two main exercises
    • Squatting: Squat under walls as they come towards you
    • Cardio: Sidestep to avoid walls as they come towards you
  • Four game modes
    • Classic Mode - The classic Hot Squat experience. Face an endless amount of walls and compete against the world to get the highest count
    • Custom Routine - Customize your workout experience to best fit you. Modify things like wall speed, wall height, wall thickness, and much more
    • Daily Challenge - Put yourself to the test and compete against the world with precreated workout challenges that change every day
    • Arcade Mode - Compete against friends and family with a brand new points and combo system, and a local leaderboard
  • Additional features
    • A locker room where you can customize yourself, view your stats, and take a rest
    • Unlock new outfits, gloves, and hand poses by progressing in the game
    • Choose between four different gyms to workout in
    • Steam Leaderboard Integration
    • Five new songs to motivate you through your intense gains
    • No microtransactions :)
Hot Squat 2: New Glory Screenshot 1

Hot Squat 2: New Glory Screenshot 2

Hot Squat 2: New Glory Screenshot 3